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1. 'Archaeological requirements for works on churches and churchyards'. ADCA Guidance Note 1.
(Report in PDF format).

2. 'Archaeology and Burial Vaults: A guidance note for churches'. ADCA Guidance Note 2.

3. 'Dealing with architectural fragments'. ADCA Guidance Note 3.

4. The consultation draft of ADCA guidance note 4 on fabric recording can be downloaded here. Please send any comments by the end of October 2012 to


Church Archaeology

Church Archaeology is the annual journal of the Society for Church Archaeology. It provides a forum for debate on all aspects of church archaeology including recent research and fieldwork results, conservation issues and methodology, together with up-to-date news. Primarily UK-wide in scope, the journal publishes articles on church archaeology in its widest sense, covering buried evidence, standing structures, churchyards, and ecclesiastical contexts in historic settlements and landscapes.

The News section will contain reports on significant work undertaken during 2003 and 2004, not previously notified to the journal. They can draw attention to new projects, discoveries, conservation and management issues, events and experiences. News pieces on individual sites or projects should be concise interpretative summaries, reporting substantive results of more than local interest, not just a note that some work took place. Contributions may be up to 2000 words; photographs or illustrations are welcome.

News pieces should be sent to the Assistant Editor, Dr Jackie Hall, 51 Back Road, Linton, Cambridgeshire, CB1 6JF, preferably by e-mail to They should be in her hands by 1 March at the latest.

Proposals for articles (between 4000 and 9000 words) to be included in this volume should be notified for discussion with the Editors as soon as possible at the e-mail address below, or 2-3 Oldway, Bletsoe, Bedford, MK44 1QG.

Evelyn and David Baker
Editors, Church Archaeology


ADCA and IfA Standards

ADCA endorses and subscribes to the relevant standards of the Institute
of Field Archaeologists, the text of which can be found at

The existing standards deal with:
* desk-top assessments
* field evaluations
* excavation
* watching briefs
* investigation of standing buildings
* collection of archaeological materials.


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