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VIDEO: Victim: 'Police lost abuse evidence'

Thu, 2014-08-28 22:34
The police watchdog, the IPCC, is writing to South Yorkshire Police warning "evidence of failures" must be passed on, after a report found least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013.
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VIDEO: Oldest wing walker takes to skies

Thu, 2014-08-28 20:48
The world's oldest wing walker has extended his own record at the opening of the Bournemouth Air Festival.
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VIDEO: Buried gold sparks treasure hunt

Thu, 2014-08-28 20:43
Hundreds of people have descended on Folkestone beach in a bid to get their hands on a share of buried gold worth £10,000.
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VIDEO: Aye or Naw for the Isle of Islay?

Thu, 2014-08-28 20:24
Allan Little reports from the Scottish Hebrides on how Scotland's independence referendum is viewed in the remoter corners of the country.
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VIDEO: Rotherham council knew 'many' at risk

Thu, 2014-08-28 18:55
A former social worker says Rotherham council deliberately under-reported the number of children at risk of sexual exploitation to meet targets.
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VIDEO: Boy born at 24 weeks starts school

Thu, 2014-08-28 17:18
A boy born at 24 weeks weighing about two pounds starts school in Leicester.
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VIDEO: Roman ruins uncovered in Somerset

Thu, 2014-08-28 15:24
Archaeologists are studying Roman ruins, including a bath house, that have been discovered on the site of a new bypass in Somerset.
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VIDEO: Punched woman talks of grope outrage

Thu, 2014-08-28 14:44
A student who was punched in the face at the Notting Hill Carnival for telling a man not to grope her says she would do the same again.
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VIDEO: UK still a 'deeply elitist' country

Thu, 2014-08-28 14:17
The UK is still a "deeply elitist" country, according to a new report from the Social Mobility and Child Poverty Commission.
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VIDEO: Bees move into in City Chambers

Thu, 2014-08-28 12:54
More than 120,000 bees take up residence on the roof of Glasgow City Council headquarters as part of a new environmental project.
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VIDEO: Simon Cowell 'upset' at Radio Times

Thu, 2014-08-28 12:02
X Factor supremo Simon Cowell says he felt "upset" after reading a recent interview published in the Radio Times.
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VIDEO: Esha Ness cave is 'UK's biggest'

Thu, 2014-08-28 11:50
Geologist Jonathan Swale claims that the Calders Geo sea cave at Esha Ness in Shetland is the largest in Britain.
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AUDIO: Can school uniform ever be cool?

Thu, 2014-08-28 10:02
School uniform will never be cool, and it is not meant to be, says Mr Drew from TV's Educating Essex
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VIDEO: 'Uzi accident couldn't happen in UK'

Thu, 2014-08-28 09:45
Shooting instructor Peter Wroe tells the BBC why an incident in the US where a nine-year-old girl shot a gun range worker could not happen in the UK.
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VIDEO: Newport's 'ring of steel' for Nato summit

Thu, 2014-08-28 08:17
The Nato summit is being held in Newport, Wales and an estimated £50m is being spent on security measures, including an eight mile fence around the venue.
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VIDEO: 'Violence just became normal'

Thu, 2014-08-28 07:49
A victim of sexual exploitation and abuse in Rotherham tells the BBC's Graham Satchell how she suffered at the hands of an older man but says the police did nothing to help her.
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AUDIO: Puffins 'Frankie Howerd of bird world'

Thu, 2014-08-28 07:33
A study by the National Trust suggests seabirds around the UK coastline are being hit by a "triple whammy" of extreme weather, predators and disturbance by humans.
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VIDEO: 'Cancer made me feel so alone'

Thu, 2014-08-28 07:06
Three-quarters of cancer patients who are clinically depressed do not get the psychological therapy they need, according to research in the Lancet.
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VIDEO: Controversy over new Lennon film

Thu, 2014-08-28 00:01
A new film that looks at the events that unfolded the night Beatles star John Lennon was shot, is causing controversy amongst critics and fans.
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VIDEO: Festival security allow laughing gas

Wed, 2014-08-27 20:38
Widespread consumption of laughing gas at one of the UK's top dance festivals is exposed by a BBC investigation - as security turn a blind eye.
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