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Windfarm dig finds boat in style of Sutton Hoo

Prehistoric village under Isle of Man runway

Rare house continues first farmers debate

In the press

In Brief & Phase 2


Hadrian in London
The 'Hadrian: Empire and Conflict' exhibiton is impressive

Hadrian's Wall
Abandoned after three centuries, but still alive

New WHS, the Antonine Wall
David J Breeze tells how to make a successful bid to UNESCO

THE BIG DIG: Stonehenge
Mike Pitts sorts out the technical data

additional content
Reading about the Archaeology of Stonehenge

The Stonehenge Olympics
Plans for the stones to get the new facilities ready for 2012

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Recommended websites
Caroline Wickham-Jones explores the realms of archaeological fiction and a look at Barwick-in-Elmet Historical Society's website


your views and responses


a piece about Bonekickers with no archaeological puns!


Seeking what is best for buried bones, Sebastian Payne looks at new leglislation

CBA correspondent

Campaigns, comment and communications from the CBA
Gill Chitty on the stones, the bill and beyond


ISSN 1357-4442

Editor Mike Pitts


Reading about the archaeology of Stonehenge

The September/October issue features the recent excavations that have been taking place within the Stonehenge world heritage site.

This is a collection of archaeological references post-dating the publication of the landmark monograph by Cleal et al in 1995, with a few key publications from earlier in the 20th century which I've found particularly useful (with some of my own). The newer ones have valuable bibliographies.

Mike Pitts, July 2008

Key archaeological texts: Stonehenge

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Key archaeological texts: the wider landscape

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Durrington Walls

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Stonehenge Riverside Project photos: Adam Stanford has an excellent selection of photos on the web. See his Aerial-Cam website and Photobox gallery for 2007

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Woodhenge and neighbourhood

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The Cursus

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Background archaeology

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