British Archaeology, no 13, April 1996

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Medieval bricks meant business for Essex man
Commission suffers deep funding cuts
Henry VIII's sauna found at Whitehall
In Brief


Iron Age ridge and furrow? So it seems
And there's more too. Max Adams describes the gems of the Cheviot Hills

Urbane savages of the Western Isles
The Highlanders were more civilised than you'd think, says David Caldwell

Updating the centuries of darkness
Five years ago, Peter James and four others proposed a revolution in ancient dating. Now, he says, the debate may be coming round their way.


covering Highways Chief states his case, woodcut forgery and sound mirrors


Simon Dension on facing up to the Lottery's challenge


Adrian Tindall on Plastic Pete and the Lindow Men
Jennifer Wakely on aching joints in long-dead bones
Peter Carrington on Bede and those cussed natives again
Trevor Anderson on archaeology meets the police force


Why is there nothing like a real fire? It's because we are all still hunter-gatherers in body and soul. Gustav Milne thinks so, at any rate.

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