British Archaeology, no 17, September 1996


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Saxon defences `face ruin through suburban growth'
Battlefield grave lost without record
Multimedia journal launched on screen
In Brief


Understanding how earthworks change
Martin Bell outlines the first results of the country's longest-running archaeological project

Wroxeter, rich in a wealthy land
The Roman town was neither a failure nor a freak, writes Roger White

Weaving the strands of a new Iron Age
The old idea of Iron Age warrior societies is fast changing, writes JD Hill


covering sex objects (or not), assumptions, Back to Darkness, and unsafe heritage


Philip Dixon on how English Heritage is put in the dock


Patrick Boylan on a legal view of the antiquities trade
Philip Barker on a guide that's too heavy to handle
Gustav Milne on strictly history in medieval Southwark
Peter Ellis on not a bad theory, if facts don't matter


Aubrey Burl protests at changes to the traditional names of stone circles

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