British Archaeology, no 23, April 1997


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Neolithic `trading centre' found in Peak District
Healthcare `good for 19th century poor'
Fears over archaeology's `deterioration'
In Brief


Hearing again the sound of the Neolithic
Neolithic circles and tombs echo and resonate, discovers Aaron Watson

Monuments that mark out Viking land
The stone crosses of the Danelaw were erected by Vikings under threat, says Phil Sidebottom

Lo, the conquering hero comes (or not)
Studies of genes and language can solve problems of early medieval migration, writes Martin Evison


covering reasons to chew, cereal seeds, points on protest, and on battlefields


Why public access must be controlled, by Peter Fowler


Peter Huggins on a hard read about Essex archaeology
Jane Grenville on archaeology, law and sins of omisson
Phil Bethell on Roman homes in all their forms
Simon Denison on images with their own point of view


Understanding the past requires a feel for the land, claims Francis Pryor

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