British Archaeology, no 25, June 1997


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Roman Lincoln `a centre for the cult of Mithras'
`Gladiators' arena' found near Edinburgh
Bone-tests suggest monks preferred fish
In Brief


Criminal graves and rural crossroads
For centuries, criminals were denied normal burial, explains Robert Halliday

Fractures, punctures, dents and gashes
Violent head injuries persisted throughout the past. Joyce Filer reports

Digging for facts about the recent past
Archaeology has much to tell about the last two centuries, writes Keith Matthews


covering rural archaeology, a legal riposte and into the future


The sad tale of Tewkesbury battlefield
Battlefields deserve better protection than they get, writes Simon Denison


David Burridge on from Spanish Armada to the Cold War
Paul Stamper on happy and mutual reordering of the land
Mark Lake on if language and art make us human
Simon Denison on a model introduction to archaeology


Finding the spirit of place in detail
Changes to buildings must refer to local traditions and detail, writes Barry Joyce

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