British Archaeology, no 26, July 1997


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New measures to combat trade in stolen artefacts
Rare Early Saxon village in Midlands
Bronze Age ard, cereal grains and fields
In Brief


In this dark cavern thy burying place
For most of prehistory, people buried their dead in caves. Andrew Chamberlain reports

Reclaiming heroism for the Bronze Age
Round barrows and epic poetry were two products of the same world view, writes Paul Treherne

The peculiar ways of defending Britain
A survey of recent military sites has brought a number of curiosities to light, writes Jim Earle


covering Saxons & Vikings, Early Christians and a rude farmer


Let culture and conservation co-reside
The chattering classes now see `conservation' as a dirty word, writes Richard Morris


Margaret Davey on peeling back Dartmoor's layers of time
Peter Ellis on what the Roman landscape looked like
Gracis Grew on Roman Britain through rose-tinted specs
Rosalind Niblett on change comes to post-Roman Europe


Taking an aesthetic view of buildings
Simon Denison talks to Warwick Rodwell

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