ISSN 1357-4442Editor: Simon Denison

Issue no 34, May 1998

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Iron Age gravel shovellers leave their mark in Dorset
Treasure puts an end to unlikely legend
Erosion of county archaeology goes on
In Brief


Looking for history under the branches
Numerous clues to all periods of man's past can be found in woodland, reports Chris Gerrard

When land first became private property
The spread of enclosed settlements from 1000BC marks the beginning of individual land ownership, says Roger Thomas

Discovering the lost kingdom of Radnor
A forgotten kingdom `between the Severn and the Wye' was a major player in Norman Wales, writes Paul Remfry


Landscapes preserved by the men of war
David McOmish finds prehistoric and Roman village streets, country lanes and fields on Salisbury Plain


covering the Reformation, cave protection and Welsh landscapes


Time to update ancient monuments law
New Labour shows no inclination to continue the work of the last Government, writes Richard Morris


Simon Clarke on a comprehensive image of military life
Jerry O'Sullivan on studies in the long shadow of a saint
Mark Hall on one man's monument to Dartmoor


Stonehenge, Merlin, and gallows humour
Stories that `explain' Stonehenge have been told since the Middle Ages, writes David Hinton.

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