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Issue no 41, February 1999

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Destroyed: masterpieces of 17th century carving
Iron Age village for summertime only
No small fry in Saxon fishing industry
In Brief


Inexhaustible symbols cut into chalk
New dating methods are shedding light on the mysteries of hill-figures, writes Paul Newman

Modern diagnosis of ancient disease
Sophisticated techniques are used to extract the secrets of ancient illness, explains Tony Waldron

Luxury and design in Roman gardens
You can recreate a Classical garden wherever you live. Linda Farrar describes how


Old Absalom's wheels keep on turning
A unique Victorian pottery, unchanged for 100 years, has been saved. David Graham reports


covering early images, bunsen burner, Roman invasion and blast furnace


Archaeology to capture the public mind
Some ideas and discoveries receive wide news coverage, others not. Richard Morris explains


Colin Forcey on an explanation of late Roman paganism
Rob Witcher on essays on aspects of cultural identity
Ian Ralston on the European Iron Age on a broad canvas
Rob Young on landscape seen through Neolithic eyes

CBA update

covering field boundaries, schools history and Oxford Castle

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