ISSN 1357-4442 Editor: Simon Denison

Issue no 42, March 1999

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Civil War fortifications brought back to light
Early Saxon pots in wide trade network
New pressures on public archaeology
In Brief


Prisons that see progress in the past
The first modern survey of prisons has found that 19th century ideas are back, reports Allan Brodie

From art and tools came human origins
Evidence of modern human behaviour 200,000 years old may have been found in Africa. Larry Barham explains.

An image of ancient English woodland
Excavated wood can reveal the look of the tree and how it was tended, writes Damian Goodburn


Rethinking the Neolithic of Orkney
The old idea of separate cultures in early and late Neolithic Orkney is breaking down, says Colin Richards


covering Beowulf in Kent, Roman invasion and Dad's Army


Birdsong returns, but history is lost
How can Ministers remain so blind to the ruin of our conservation services? Richard Morris wonders


Gustav Milne on the final report on the Mithras affair
Christopher Gerrard on a serenade to the Wiltshire downs
Jane Grenville on looking for history under your feet
Ian Wood on the study of an 8th century masterpiece


The tale of Mr Crawford and his cap
OGS Crawford was a great man with a few eccentricities, reflects John Charlton

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