ISSN 1357-4442 Editor: Simon Denison

Issue no 46, July 1999

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First `London Bridge' in River Thames at Vauxhall
New causewayed enclosure, new hillfort
Archaeology suffers as peat sales rise
In Brief


History from fields and back gardens
Finds made by members of the public are now answering major historical questions, writes Simon Denison

Showing our metal
Richard Hobbs describes the background to the new reporting scheme

Britain in the age of warrior heroes
Richard Osgood looks at the nature and causes of war in Bronze Age Britain

No decline before the fall of empire
The 4th century was the Golden Age of Roman Britain, argues Guy de la Bédeyère


Uncovering the home of John of Gaunt
Medieval rubble uprooted in the Great Storm marked the site of a lost royal manor, writes Martin Papworth


covering battlefields, paganism, dovecotes, cook and caves, and Stonehenge


Local archaeology and a bright future
All archaeology is local, whatever its national value. Richard Morris explains


Andrew Sherratt on Catastrosphes, tree-rings and climate
Heinrich Härke on The why, who and how of past migrations
Tom Williamson on a geographer's view of landscape
Stephen Driscoll on a comprehensive text on the Vikings


Rural dialects and surviving Britons
Rustic counting-systems suggest the Britons survived in large numbers in Saxon England, writes Tim Gay

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