ISSN 1357-4442 Editor: Simon Denison

Issue no 47, September 1999

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Grave of an early Saxon `princess' found in Newark
Customs haul highlights detector tours
Christian graves around `adapted' barrow
In Brief


Here he lies, hewn down ... in the dirt
Research on Anglo-Saxon warfare highlights the use of the slashing sword and spear. Richard Underwood reports

Growth and decay of an Essex village
Finds from one of the most important excavations of the 1990s have now produced a vivid portrait of a Romano-British village, writes Mark Atkinson

All Tudor life in a disused fishpond
London's new assemblage of Tudor finds has far more to offer than just an old banana, explains Geoff Egan


covering bluestone journey, first gods and Scots Parliament


Cromwell vs King Alfred at Waterloo
Many people's grasp of history is a bit vague. Simon Denison wonders about the consequences


Steve Boyle on the archaeology of recent centuries
John Chapman on artefacts and a communication theory
Peter Ellis on a Roman army where discipline is AWOL
Stephanie Moser on the Victorian approach to archaeology

CBA update

covering conservation, education and archaeology days

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