ISSN 1357-4442 Editor: Simon Denison

Issue no 48, October 1999

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Lost surgeon of `barber-surgeon' found in museum
Pictish monastery found in Easter Ross
Roman gold mixed with native religion
In Brief


Teaching surgery and breaking the law
Dissection was illegal until 1832, but it was done anyway. Andrew Chamberlain explains

Revising the Mesolithic at Star Carr
New excavations have shed light on one of Britain's most famous prehistoric sites, writes Paul Mellars

Hunting out the remains of Robin Hood
Several sites associated with the legendary outlaw survive. Eric Houlder reports


covering sheep counting, paganism and London bridge


Want to be an archaeologist? Read this
A new survey examines the pay, conditions, and range of jobs in archaeology. Simon Denison takes a look


Aubrey Burl on astronomy and prehistory: the proof
Chrissie Freeth on gender, skeletons, health and theory
Geraint Coles on passion, people and environmental data
Magdalena Midgley on half a novel and half something else


So Wm Stukeley Esq was right after all
The hunt for Avebury's second avenue could easily have produced nothing - again. David Wheatley reports

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