ISSN 1357-4442 Editor: Simon Denison

Issue no 50, December 1999

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Cistercians `depopulated land' to found Jervaulx
Roman harbour found at Wroxeter
New Saxon horse burial in Suffolk
In Brief


Dancing with the dead in a mass grave
Neolithic communities repeatedly handled the decaying bodies of their dead, writes Mary Baxter

Laid to rest on pillow of bay leaves
Research continues on the wealthy Roman woman found in London this spring. Christopher Thomas reports.

Warfare and the destruction of history
Alpaslan Özerdem visited Kosovo to assess the extent of cultural damage following this year's conflict


covering first religion, WWII air photos and career matters


Looking forward to the new century
How can archaeology build on its progress in the past 100 years? Simon Denison offers some thoughts


Peter Herring on a textbook on archaeological survey
Duncan Coe on round and round the timber circles
Mark Edmonds on the how and why of understanding stones

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Time Team vs Sutton Hoo vs C14 dates
What was the most important event or development in British archaeology this century? Interviews by Simon Denison

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