British Archaeology, no 6, July 1995

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Roman power traced to far south-west Wales
Multi-media journal for archaeology
Rare listed pill-box faces demolition
In Brief


To Scotland then they came, burning
The emperor Severus attempted genocide in Scotland, writes Colin Martin

Struggling artists of the Ice Age
Newly-found cave art reflects man's conflict with wild animals, writes Paul Pettitt

Reconstructing life in the Bronze Age
We can learn much about the past by trying to relive it, writes Jacqui Wood


covering Mesolithic food, the farming revolution, the Disability Bill, the National Trust and popular place-names


Scottish archaeology reaches a crisis, writes Patrick Begg


Raymond Lamb on Orkney's excavator leads the tour
Ian Jenkins on when Greek art went travelling
Mick Aston on a thousand things you didn't know
Barri Jones on placing Roman Africa on the map


Simon Denison talks to Clive Orton

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