Practical Handbooks

A Handbook

by Marilyn Palmer, Michael Nevell and Mark Sissons

IA cover The Council for British Archaeology was the first organisation to use the term ‘Industrial Archaeology’, over 50 years ago. This new book, the latest in the CBA’s popular Practical Handbook series, celebrates our commitment to Industrial Archaeology.

A Handbook

by Charlotte A Roberts

Human Remains cover This book, no 19 in the CBA Practical Handbook series, provides the very latest guidance on all aspects of the recovery, handling and study of human remains. It beings by asking why we should study human remains, and the ethical issues surrounding their recovery, analysis and curation, along with consideration of the current legal requirements associated with the excavation of human remains in Britain.

A Handbook

by Mélanie Steiner

Illustration cover This handbook is primarily designed to raise standards and is intended for students and for those working in archaeological illustration. It is a showpiece of some fine illustrators, working in quite different ways.

A Handbook

by Chris Currie

Garden archaeology cover Garden Archaeology looks at the methods used for this sub-discipline. The book traces the development of the genre with particular reference to the advances made in the last 20 years.

Deciphering the countryside

by Stephen Rippon

Historic landscapes cover The British landscape is remarkably varied in its character. To a considerable extent this results from the different ways that successive generations of human communities have created regionally distinctive patterns of agriculture and industry.

by Harold Mytum

Recording graveyards cover This book aims to help everyone appreciate graveyards, cemeteries, and their monuments, but it is also intended to inspire and encourage action in the form of recording and analysis.

A Handbook

by Jennifer Price and Sally Cottam, with drawings by Yvonne Beadnall

Roman glass cover This handbook has been written as an introduction to the practical study of the glass vessels of Roman Britain.

by Peter Webster

Roman samian cover This handbook aims to provide a practical introduction to the study of samian pottery.

An introductory guide

Handbook of the Defence of Britain Project (Revised edition)

edited by B Lowry

C20th Defences cover During the First and Second World Wars, Britain’s landscape was transformed by a wide variety of military constructions – pill boxes, anti-tank obstacles, coastal batteries, bombing decoys, radar stations, airfield, and many more.

Fixture and fittings in dated houses 1567–1763

by NW Alcock and Linda Hall, drawings by Linda Hall

Fixtures and Fittings cover This well illustrated handbook is dedicated to the dating and cataloguing of fixtures, fittings and decorative details.

by J Stopford

Floor tiles cover Invaluable for anyone working with material from medieval contexts this guide describes a methodology for recording medieval floor tiles, both in situ and in post-excavation analysis.

Investigating places of worship (Revised edition)

by David Parsons

Churches and Chapels cover This handbook is a ‘must have’ for church visitors and students who like to reach their own conclusions about the history and development of a church building.

An illustrated glossary (Revised edition)

by Thomas Cocke, Donald Finley, Richard Halsey and Elizabeth Williamson, with drawings by George Wilson and David Rust

Recording a church cover A comprehensive glossary, giving brief definitions of over 500 terms used to describe church architecture and furniture, amply illustrate with simple and clearly labelled drawings, this handbook will be an invaluable aid to anyone with an interest in the subject.

An illustrated glossary (Revised edition)

by NW Alcock, MW Barley, PW Dixon and RA Meeson, illustrations by RA Meeson

PH5 cover A reference guide and glossary of over 300 definitions used in the description of timber-framed buildings, extensively illustrated by clearly labelled drawings.

A Handbook

by Virginia Dellino-Musgrave

Marine Archaeology cover The Handbook aims to give easy access to a range of information about the marine historic environment. It provides a useful guide for all those involved in the marine environment, from commercial exploration companies and local authorities to the recreational diver. In recent years there has been increased awareness of both the potential and the fragility of the marine and maritime zones.