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The archaeology of Catholme and the Trent-Tame confluence

Simon Buteux and Henry Chapman

Where Rivers Meet This book is the story of an area of landscape in the English Midlands from earliest prehistory to around AD 900. Although it looks like a typical rural landscape, archaeological research, much of it in advance of quarrying, has revealed that this area has a long and remarkable history of occupation stretching back to the Ice Age.

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A history and archaeology of the Trent Valley sand and gravel industry

by Tim Cooper

Trent Valley cover The aggregates industry is perhaps the quintessential industry of the 20th century, quite literally shaping our world, but its history and archaeology have arguably been neglected. In this ground-breaking new book, the author Tim Cooper attempts to redress the balance with an in-depth but accessible study of the sand and gravel industry of the Trent Valley in the English Midlands.

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‘Lepers Outside the Gate’: Excavations at the cemetery of the Hospital of St James and St Mary Magdalene, Chichester, 1986–87 and 1993

edited by John Magilton, Frances Lee and Anthea Boylston

Lepers cover This report, which forms vol 10 in the Chichester Excavations series, describes and discusses the excavation in 1986–87 and 1993 of almost 400 skeletons from the cemetery of the Hospital of St James and St Mary Magdalene just outside Chichester, West Sussex. Founded as a leper hospital for men in the 12th century, this institution admitted women and children towards the end of the Middle Ages and survived the Reformation by becoming an almshouse for the sick poor.

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Essays on Roman London and its hinterland for Harvey Sheldon

edited by John Clark, Jonathan Cotton, Jenny Hall, Roz Sherris and Hedley Swain

Londinium cover This exciting volume pays tribute to the work of the archaeologist Harvey Sheldon, who has been involved in the archaeology of London for over four decades.

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Excavation of Cleatham Anglo-Saxon Cemetery

by Kevin Leahy

Interrupting the Pots cover The Cleatham cemetery in North Lincolnshire is, with over 1200 cremations and 62 burials, England’s third largest Anglo-Saxon cemetery. It was in use throughout the early Anglo-Saxon period from the mid-5th century to the late 7th century.

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The excavation of an Iron Age ‘marsh-fort’

Edited by Robert Van de Noort, Henry P Chapman and John R Collis

RR154 cover RR154 cover Sutton Common in South Yorkshire is one of the best-known Iron Age multivallate sites in lowland Britain. This volume describes the results of the large-scale excavations undertaken here between 1998 and 2003, which have provided unparalleled insights into the function and meaning of this 4th-century BC ‘marsh-fort’.

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Defining, accessing and managing the resource

edited by J Satchell & P Palma

MAG cover Recent decades have witnessed an expansion of archaeological activity under water and in the coastal zone. There has also been a realisation of the threats to this material from human and natural action.

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The North Somerset Levels during the 1st to 2nd millennia AD

by Stephen Rippon

Somerset Levels cover This innovative study examines the changing ways that human communities chose to exploit, modify and ultimately transform their environment over two millennia.

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The later Stuart house and society

edited by PS Barnwell & Malcolm Airs

Hearth Tax cover The Hearth Tax (1662–89) is the only national listing of people between the medieval poll taxes and the 19th century census returns. It was a property tax, assumed to approximate to the householders’ wealth, measured by the number of their fireplaces.

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The Mesolithic of western Britain

edited by Martin Bell

PCC cover This volume provides ground-breaking new evidence about prehistoric life in Britain – focusing on the little studied communities of the South West and Wales. New evidence from these intertidal and coastal zones now allows a reassessment of Mesolithic people and their settlements, as well as providing valuable case studies from nationally important Bronze Age sites.

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Murals and graffiti – military life, power and subversion

by Wayne Cocroft, Danielle Devlin, John Schofield and Roger JC Thomas

War art cover This book presents in accessible and visual form the diversity and significance of modern military wall art, largely in Britain, but set within its wider geographical and historical context.

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Dodderhill fort, Bays Meadow villa, and roadside settlement

by Derek Hurst

Droitwich cover This volume covers three major sites in Roman Droitwich (Salinae). The full extent and character of the Neronian fort on Dodderhill are explained, and the remains of the large and spectacular villa at Bays Meadow are also revealed.

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A middle Iron Age hillfort on Bredon Hill

by Nick Thomas

Conderton Camp cover This is a detailed account of a small Middle Iron Age hillfort on Bredon Hill, Worcestershire, which enclosed 1.9 hectares. Roughly oval and aligned along a spur, it had simple entrances at each end.

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Romano-British small town to late medieval city

by Hal Dalwood and Rachel Edwards

Deansway cover The Deansway excavation lay in the centre of Worcester, where four large areas were excavated in 1988–89. Deeply stratified deposits revealed extensive evidence for the development of the settlement from a Romano-British small town to a late medieval city.

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Aspects of the Neolithic in south east England

edited by Jonathan Cotton & David Field

RR138 cover This volume fills a significant gap in prehistoric studies. It combines a series of regional overviews on such subjects as soils, aerial survey and human remains with contributions on specific sites, artefacts and the natural environment.

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Pottery in medieval Southampton: c 1066–1510

by Duncan H Brown

RR137 cover This Research Report offers a comprehensive catalogue, analysis and interpretation of a major assemblage of post-Conquest medieval pottery.

Accompanied by over 350 individual vessel drawings, the study also offers a wide variety of analytical methods that extend the impact of the research beyond a regional investigation.

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by Paul Frodsham

Northumberland cover This volume provides an accessible overview of a whole decade of fascinating archaeological discoveries within Northumberland National Park, ranging from the Mesolithic right through to recent times.

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Frameworks for archaeological research

by Dominic Perring

Town and country cover This research report describes how archaeology can contribute to the study of the relationship between town and country, as well as setting out a series of recommendations for future research.

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Early post-medieval vessel glass in England: c. 1500–1670

by Hugh Willmott

Post-Medieval glass cover This illustrated guide is the first comprehensive classification of vessel glass found in England between 1500–1670. During the early post-medieval period, vessel glass was transformed from a rare luxury item to a medium that was used by the wider population.

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edited by Andrew Davidson

Coastal Wales cover This report follows the completion of a series of surveys, funded by Cadw: Welsh Historic Monuments, which were designed to record the archaeology situated within the Welsh coastal zone.

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The restoration of the Great Hall

edited by Richard Fawcett

Stirling Castle cover Stirling Castle is one of the most important royal and military structures in Scotland. This book traces the eventful history of the Great Hall from its original construction to the withdrawal of the army in the 1960s and its subsequent restoration.

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Northern extramural area

by Paul Booth and Jeremy Evans

Alcester 3 cover This final volume in the Alcester excavation series focuses on the area of the town containing the early postulated fort around which the town is believed to have originated.

The book describes significant assemblages of pottery, metalwork, bone objects, glass and faunal remains, which add considerably to our knowledge of material culture, trade and animal husbandry.

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A survey of the intertidal archaeology of Langstone Harbour, Hampshire

by Michael J Allen and Julie Gardiner

Our Changing Coast cover This innovative multi-disciplinary study presents the story of the development of a complex archaeological landscape, from the hunting ground of Mesolithic inhabitants, through funerary and ritual use as the tidal inlet developed during the Bronze Age, to its current status as an internationally important wildlife reserve.

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by Richard Hayman, Wendy Horton and Shelley White

Ironbridge cover The Ironbridge Gorge is the physical embodiment of the profound technological and social changes that underlie the Industrial Revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries.

£9.95 (ws £28) plus p+p

by Rachel Tyson

Medieval glass vessels cover This volume collates material relating to approximately 1350 vessels from over 200 sites, encompassing the full spectrum of glass use during the medieval period and providing a central source of reference for the identification and study of medieval glass vessels.

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