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Archaeology North West

Archaeology North West is our flagship publication. Publications normally include:
  • Interpretive articles, especially those which cut across geographical, administrative, disciplinary and other  boundaries and which contribute to regional research priorities.
  • New discoveries in the region that make a significant contribution to knowledge and understanding:
  • Recent metal-detector finds
  • An archaeological science feature
  • Walks around sites and monuments of note in the region, especially lesser-known ones
  • Book reviews

Current issue

  • Surveys, excavations and burgage plots: recent work on the medieval towns of north west England (Archaeology North West 2008).
Introduction - Tom Saunders
Part 1: Thematic Articles 
Lancashire extensive urban survey - Peter Iles
Recent excavation work on the medieval towns of Greater Manchester - Mike Nevell


Kicking over the traces: the challenges of investigating small medieval towns in Cheshire - Andy Towle and Laurence Haynes 

Part 2: Regular Features

A tour of medieval Chester - Simon Ward

Dendrochronology: past and present in the North West - Cathy Tyres
The Portable Antiquities Scheme in the north west: medieval finds and
outreach activities - Frances McIntosh and Dot Boughton

This issue has just been distributed to members of the group. Copies are still available at a cost of £10 plus £1 postage and packing. Read sample pages.

Editor Tom Saunders

Notes for Contributors

Copies of some back issues are still available from Peter Lange, 43 Frederick Terrace, Slack Road, Blackley, Manchester M9 8GT. Please enclose a cheque for the appropriate amount payable to Council for British Archaeology North West.

Back issues

  • The archaeology of north west England: an archaeological research framework for north west  England volume 1: resource assessment
  • Research and archaeology in north-west England: an archaeological research framework for north west  England volume 2: research agenda and strategy
These two volumes of Archaeology North West constitute the Regional Research Framework for Archaeology in the North West, initiated by English Heritage and the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers. They cover the administrative counties of Cheshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire.

The framework is designed to provide an overview of current archaeological knowledge in the North West, highlight where the most significant gaps lie, and suggest how they may best be addressed.

Copies are still available at a cost of £15 each plus £2.70 postage and packing.
  • From farmer to factory owner: models, methodology and industrialisation: the archaeology of the Industrial revolution in north west England.
Copies are still available at a cost £10 plus £1 postage and packing.
  • Living on the edge of empire: models, methodology and marginality: late prehistoric and Romano-British rural settlement in north west England
This volume is out of print but chapters can be downloaded here. (We apologise for the quality of some of the scans).

Front cover and preliminary pages  i-vi
+ G D B Jones - Preface: 'Until the lions learn to write, tales of hunting will always glorify the hunter' 7-8
M Nevell & J Walker - Introduction: models, methodology, and marginality in Roman archaeology 9-12 (9-10; 11-12)
Part 1: Modelling Iron Age and Romano-British settlements 13
M Nevell - Iron Age and Roman and Romano-British rural settlements in north-west England: marginality, theory and settlement 14-26
K J Matthews - Rural settlement in Roman Cheshire: a theoretical view 27-34
Part 2: Approaches to site location and identification 35
Jill Collens - Flying on the edge: aerial photography and settlement patterns in Cheshire and Merseyside 36-41
K Maude - The very edge: reappraising Romano-British settlement in the central Pennines: the Littondale experience 42-46
Part 3: Case studies 47
M Nevell - Great Woolden Hall: a model for the material culture of Iron Age and Romano-British rural settlement in north west England? 48-63 (48-51; 52-55; 56-63)
R Philpott and M Adams - Excavations at an Iron Age and Romano-British settlement at Irby, Wirral, 1987-96 64-73  *Note that this article will be superseded by the final report to be published by National Museums Liverpool in September 2009*
N Redhead - Edge of empire: extra-mural settlement in a marginal context: Roman Castleshaw 74-82 (74-75; 76-77; 78-81)
B Brayshay - Palaeoenvironmental evidence for marginality in the upper Mersey basin 82-89
+G D B Jones - Conclusion: marginality: their fault or ours? A warning from the Cumbrian fells 90-95
Bibliography 97-101
Index 102-3
Back cover

These articles remain the copyright of the individual contributors. They may be downloaded for not-for-profit teaching and learning. Please acknowledge source and copyright when using them.

We have attempted to contact all the contributors to seek their permission to reproduce these articles here. We invite anybody we have failed to reach to get in touch with us.

Archaeology North West 2008 cover

Regioenal research frameowrk volume 1