Forthcoming CBA South Midlands events Are you looking for the main CBA national site? Click here for South Midlands Council for British Archaeology South Midlands Group: Archaeology for all     Charity No. 1055411 Made with Xara Web Designer For the latest information, follow CBA South Midlands on Twitter at @CBASouthMidland and on Facebook. Castles of the South Midlands: Recent Research The Town Hall, 86 Watling Street, Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 6BS, Saturday 25th April 2015 This conference will focus on recent documentary and fieldwork research into the castles of Luton, Oxford, Northampton, Wallingford and Torpel Manor. There will be a guided walk to Bury Mount Motte during the lunch break. See below for the programme and booking form. We are always open to new ideas for venues and speakers. If you have any particular interests or know of projects that could be covered at future meetings, then please feel free to send your ideas to the Secretary at Council for British Archaeology Castles of the South Midlands