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West Midlands Archaeology

West Midlands Archaeology is our flagship publication, available free of charge to all members of CBA West Midlands, and the 53rd annual volume was published in February 2013. The journal is a comprehensive round-up of archaeological activities within the region including summaries of work undertaken by both the commercial and voluntary sectors. It includes a directory of Historic Environment practitioners, museums and societies within the West Midlands.

WMA on-line

We are very pleased to announce that from November 2014 all volumes of our flagship publication West Midlands Archaeology, up to number 51, will be available to view on-line.

A year ago the decision was taken to have all of the past volumes digitised in order to preserve them for future reference. The committee looked at different ways of organising this, but ultimately it was decided that having the volumes professionally converted to archive quality files was most appropriate. The information contained in WMAs from over half a century forms a unique record of the history of archaeology in our region.

The volumes will be located on the website of the Archaeology Data Service, an organisation dedicated to the use of digital resources (including archiving) in archaeology. More about the service can be found at http://archaeologydataservice.ac.uk/about.

The final arrangements for this have yet to be concluded, but it is hoped that this can be achieved by the end of 2015. Until then, lower quality versions of the volumes are available in PDF format through the Online Archaeology Library of the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service, provided by Worcestershire County Council.

The library homepage can be found at www.worcestershire.gov.uk/info/20189/search_our_records/152/the_online_archaeology_library.

To go to the search page click on the 'Enter the Online Archaeology Library' link and wait for the new page to load. The easiest way to access an individual volume is to select 'Council for British Archaeology West Midlands' from the list in the 'copyright' box and to enter the year in the 'date' box.

Extract from the Editorial of Volume 51

You will notice that this year, a few changes have taken place. After many years, we have decided to review how we use the 'Forum' section of the journal. Rather than continuing to have this section included in every issue, it will now become an occasional series whose inclusion will in part be determined by the nature of the material that has been submitted to the editor.

As you might expect, given that the Forum has been a feature of WMA since 1980, the Editorial Advisory Committee gave considerable thought to this decision. Of particular importance in deciding this change of policy has been the successful development and launch of our Group's website, at www.archaeologyuk.org/cbawm, officially unveiled in October 2009. We feel that apart from the occasional publications in WMA, the website should now become the natural home for these articles and items. This will give us the advantages of immediacy and relevance for what is published under the Forum section, while at the same time help us manage the rising costs of our annual publication. So please keep submitting material for the Forum, but look now to the website rather than WMA for the place of publication.

If you would like to keep up-to-date with regional events, find out about a local society or even join CBA WM (if you haven't already!), you can find all the information you need at www.archaeologyuk.org/cbawm. If you would like to promote an event in your area or submit anything else for inclusion on our web pages, please get in touch with our Web Editor, Peter Crouch.

The general look of the volume has had a bit of a facelift too, with a more modern font and more references, where possible, to websites, for those of you who would like to seek further information.

If you are considering submitting material covering the year 2013, I would like to draw your attention to the revised notes for contributors. There are one or two changes to the requirements this year, but if in doubt, get in touch and I will be happy to assist.

Deborah Fox
Hon. Editor

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