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Historic Environment Strategy for West Midlands

Heritage Counts 2014 - The Value and Impact of Heritage

West Midlands Historic Environment Strategy 2010-2015

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Putting the historic environment to work
A strategy for the West Midlands

Extracts from Foreword by Tim Johnson
"The historic environment is all around us in the West Midlands. It is our streets, homes, schools, villages, farms, cities and old industry, as well as our archaeological sites and monuments, great houses, churches, battlefields, and parks. The cultural legacy of the West Midlands is also on the world stage, through the region's pioneering industrial history as the centre of technological innovation and entrepreneurship."

"The historic environment needs to be championed - confidently and convincingly. The best and most valued elements need to be looked after and passed on to the generations of tomorrow. Above all, it needs to be put to work - for the benefit of people today."

Tim Johnston
Regional Director, English Heritage
Chair, West Midlands Historic Environment Forum

Visit the English Heritage website for more information on the strategy and download the document.

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Heritage Counts 2014 - The Value and Impact of Heritage

In October English Heritage released the 'Heritage Counts' Report for 2014, on the topic of 'The Value and Impact of Heritage'.

What Is Heritage Counts?

'Heritage Counts' is an annual survey of the state of England's historic environment. It is produced by English Heritage on behalf of the Historic Environment Forum (HEF).

'Heritage Counts' aims to provide historic environment professionals and those interested in the historic environment with the information and data required to make decisions and influence policy about the historic environment. It will also allow them to make the case for heritage.

Each year 'Heritage Counts' explores the social and economic role of the historic environment and focuses on a different theme. The theme of 'Heritage Counts 2014' is the value and impact of heritage.

There is a national report as well as nine regional reports and a number of research reports undertaken each year to support the Heritage Counts theme.

The regional page with links to the current and previous reports for the West Midlands can be found here.

You may also be interested to look at this year's Heritage at Risk register, that identifies sites across the country that are in danger of being lost.

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