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CBA Festival of Archaeology 2015
Saturday 11th to Sunday 26th July

A message from Dan Snow, CBA President

For 25 years the Council for British archaeology's Festival of Archaeology has provided thousands of events where everyone can experience archaeology, watch experts at work and discover the rich remains of the past all around us today.

Celebrate Britain's rich heritage and come along to an event near you — there are literally hundreds to chose form, whatever your age or interest. Choose from talks and guided walks with archaeologists, to tours of industrial sites, medieval monasteries and Tudor manor houses. Explore what life was like in Britain in prehistoric and Roman times as well as during the First world War, and develop your understanding of what the remains of the past can tell us about ancient Greek and Egyptian civilisations. See the amazing new technologies and techniques behind archaeological discoveries, and have a go yourself on a community dig.

As the CBA's President, I am keen to encourage everyone to get out and about with their families during the Festival of Archaeology. Don't just leave it to Indiana Jones — now is your chance to step into your own archaeology adventure!

Dan Snow

Find an event near you at www.archaeologyfestival.org.uk/.
There are more than 1,000 ways to get your hands on the past!

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Albrighton Pottery offers a 55 minute talk on the history of potting.
The session starts with the first urban settlements and ends with the firing of a bottle oven in 19th century Stoke. There is also a 'hands on' element which has been known to cause hilarity. The talk is informative but more of an entertainment than a history lesson with dates.

Cost: £25.00 plus £10.00 travel expenses
Contact John Christophers on 01902 441140 or by email or snail mail at 33 Grange Park, Albrighton, Shropshire WV7 3EN.

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