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Advisory Panel on the Archaeology
of Christian Burials in England (APACBE)

As of February 2010, APACBE has been wound up and replaced by another panel, the Advisory Panel on the Archaeology of Burials in England (APABE). APABE provids a unified source of advice on burials from all archaeological periods in England.

Pursuant to the publication of Guidance on Best Practice for Treatment of Human Remains Excavated From Christian Burial Grounds in England in 2005 by English Heritage and the Church of England, an Advisory Panel has been set up to provide supporting advice to this document and to facilitate the progress of policy and strategy relating to this field. The Advisory Panel is sponsored by the Church of England, English Heritage and the Ministry of Justice. Each of these organisations has statutory or legal responsibilities relating to the archaeology of Christian burials in England.

The Panel will either give advice itself or refer the enquirer to the relevant expert organisation or individual(s). This advice is free and open to all. Enquirers are encouraged to use electronic methods of communication (e-mails, Word and PDF attachments, etc). Contact:

Joseph Elders (Chair) E-mail: joseph.elders@c-of-e.org.uk
Simon Mays (Secretary) E-mail: simon.mays@english-heritage.org.uk

Latest Update

Consultation to replace APACBE with another Panel to give advice on all archaeological burials in England (Christian and non-Christian)
English Heritage, the Church of England and the Ministry of Justice are proposing dissolving APACBE and replacing it with another Panel which would give advice on all archaeological burials in England (Christian and non-Christian). The proposal is currently out for consultation; for the consultation details and how to comment, download the document (PDF 51KB).

Minutes of the 4th Annual Meeting available for download. See Minutes


Terms of Reference

  1. The purpose of the Panel is to provide well-informed advice on the archaeological treatment of Christian burials in England and related matters, with appropriate consideration of relevant religious, ethical, legal, archaeological and scientific issues.
  2. The Panel may give advice on specific matters and may also advise and comment on general issues of principle or policy.
  3. The Panel will liaise as necessary with any other relevant advisory committees which may be set up, and will take account of any guidance documents or codes of practice which may be promulgated by other organisations.


Standing committee

Consultative Forum


Casework Examples


These can be obtained from Simon Mays. Copies of the following minutes are available:

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