Community Archaeology Bursaries Project

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New bursaries available starting October 2012

To apply for the current round of Community Archaeology Training Placements, please visit the jobs page.

The CBA’s Community Archaeology Bursaries Project is supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund’s Skills for the Future programme, with additional support from English Heritage ,Cadw and Historic Scotland.

It is enabling CBA to offer year-long workplace bursaries over a three-year period, designed to equip would-be community archaeologists with the skills, experience and confidence to work with voluntary groups and communities.

Each year the project will place Community Archaeology Training Placements (CATPs) in strategically identified host organisations across the UK that have existing experience of delivering strong and effective community archaeology programmes. A set of specific criteria is used for identifying and assessing an organisation’s appropriateness for hosting a placement, to ensure that they can demonstrate delivery of effective projects and to ensure adherence to professional standards and organisations will be invited to submit applications to host a placement each year.

Individual placement opportunities will be advertised through a variety of sources in and around January of each year; with placements intending to start at the beginning of each financial year.

Training for CATPS will primarily take place on-the-job, in the workplace. Experienced staff within the host organisations are responsible for training the CATPs by means of such as shadowing, coaching, and mentoring. All CATPs will also be given the opportunity to undertake the Level 3 NVQ in Archaeological Practice, enabling them to demonstrate that they have particular sets of skills, competencies or experience which then enhances their professional credibility and employability.

2011–12 Placements

9 Community Archaeology Training Placements across England, Wales and Scotland ran from April 2011- April/May 2012 . Click the link above to read about each Bursary Holder and find out what they got up to durin their 12 month placements.

2012–13 Placements

Placements for 2012-13 have recently been appointed with the following host organisations across the UK.

Find us on Facebook and keep up to date with all the latest news from this year’s CATPs.

2013–14 Placements

We are currenlty looking for organisations wishing to host a Community Archaeology Training Placement in 2013-14! Click on the link to find out how to apply. Applications are due in by 1pm on 11th June 2012.

Frequently Asked Questions

Details of the bursaries offered for the second year of the project and how to apply will be advertised on the CBA website in due course. For more information please take a look at our list of Frequently Asked Questions

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