Archaeology is the study of our past through its physical remains. This means that archaeologists study evidence ranging from buried cities to microscopic organisms and covering all periods from the origins of humans millions of years ago to the remains of the 20th and 21st centuries.

Archaeology can be used in all areas of education and in all subjects, from an inspiration for work in art to an application of nuclear physics in radiocarbon dating.

These pages provide a gateway to archaeological resources, news, lesson ideas, field projects and other information, whether you are teaching, studying or just interested in archaeology. For a list of archaeology contacts, from university archaeology departments to local societies and contracting units, visit the Archaeology Online section.

The CBA has undertaken a research project into the different ways in which we can support young people to get more involved with and enthused by archaeology. The report is now available.

The CBA has also undertaken research on Engaging with the Historic Environment – Continuing Education – the report is now available. You can also read about the latest developments in Continuing Education in the Cont Ed Blog.

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