CBA Factsheets

For many years, the CBA has provided a series of factsheets offering introductory advice on a range of topics, from how to study archaeology to finding a job and gaining further training.

Many of these have been reviewed and rewritten. Please also watch out for news announcements as we relaunch the remainder. You can find lots more helpful advice in the Get Involved and in Education sections. Our copyright statement is now available. If you have a general query and can’t find the information you need, please contact us.

The following are available for downloads as PDFs and are all under 120KB in size.

  1. What is archaeology?
  2. Get involved in archaeology
  3. Studying archaeology
    1. Studying archaeology at school
    2. Studying archaeology at undergraduate level
    3. Studying archaeology at postgraduate level
    4. Studying archaeology in continuing education – UPDATED
  4. Teaching archaeology
  5. Working in archaeology
  6. Responsible metal-detecting (undergoing review, available soon)
  7. Archaeology and buildings
  8. Fieldwork and volunteering