Volunteering in Archaeology

There are many opportunities to volunteer in archaeology in the UK. The voluntary sector consists of a large, varied and often highly motivated body of people who do much to research and care for our historic environment. The following list will point you in some useful directions if you would like to do some volunteering.

  • The CBA welcomes and values the support of volunteers: visit our volunteers section for some options on volunteering for the CBA.
  • You may be able to volunteer with your local archaeology group or society. To find out what’s happening in your area, visit our Archaeology Online section, as well as the CBA’s Community Archaeology Forum and the Community Archaeology section of this website.
  • Many excavations and projects welcome volunteer help, though some may make a charge for this. Visit our up-to-date listings service Briefing for the latest opportunities.
  • Some commercial archaeological companies and units will accept volunteers and this can provide a great opportunity to work alongside and learn from a team of professional archaeologists working within commercial archaeology. However, many units are reluctant to take volunteers due to health and safety concerns, and because the fast-pace and short-term nature of much commercial work may not suit the needs of a volunteer. Visit our Archaeology Online section for a list of archaeological companies and contractors which you could contact.

Many volunteers develop their skills and interest to the extent that they would like to seek formal education and a job in archaeology. Visit our education section for further information on studying archaeology, and our jobs/training section for information on careers.