HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.2.2 Breakdown of results by site submitted

The Council for British Archaeology (CBA) had the largest number of submissions, followed by English Heritage (EH), and the Archaeology Data Service (ADS). Relative popularity of the sites should not be judged by total surveys received since different methods were used at each host site to disseminate the survey, and this may be a factor in the different numbers of surveys returned.

These results can be broken down even further, as demonstrated in these tables. The ADS respondents are largely Graduate and Undergraduate students in HE or FE, and a smaller portion being Professional Archaeologists. With regards to the whole community, over half the total amount of Graduate and Undergraduate students who responded to the survey did so from the ADS site. The CBA's largest user group is the Professional Archaeologists at 22.9%. Overall, they have a fairly even spread of user groups who responded at their site. Even though they do not pop out as large fractions of their audience, this table does show that overall most 6th Form College or High School students, Non-vocational Archaeologists, and all Life Long Learners responded at the CBA site, which is important to note. Personal Researchers and 'other' make up over half of English Heritage's audience, which is perhaps not surprising considering their relationship with the public.

However, English Heritage also boasts nearly half of all 'other' respondents and the largest amount of Personal Researchers, this means that English Heritage and similar sites in Scotland and Wales should be very aware that how they present HEIRs on their initial pages could be quite influential in exposing them to larger, harder-to-target audiences in the online archaeological and historic environment community. For PAS, Personal Researchers and Professional Archaeologists make up a large portion of their audience, and they have a decent portion of the total museums respondents at just over 20%, but perhaps surprisingly no Non-vocational Archaeologists. Finally, RCAHMS and RCAHMW have very similar numbers to PAS, with RCAHMS having a quarter of all Museums Professionals responding to the questionnaire at their site.

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Figure 2: Breakdown of results by site submitted

Figure 2a: Chart for ADS

Figure 2b: Chart for CBA

Figure 2c: Chart for EH

Figure 2d: Chart for PAS

Figure 2e: Chart for RCAHMS

Figure 2f: Chart for RCAHMW

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