HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.2.3 Q1: How often do you use the internet?

It is welcome to note that the vast majority of the survey respondents claim to use the internet daily. In order to put perspective on these results, this percentage may be compared to the recent study conducted for the Common Information Environment group between November and December 2004, which telephone interviewed the UK public about their Internet usage. It found that 64% of the general public accesses the internet. Of these users, about 47% use it every day and about another 22% of users access the Internet three times a week (MORI, 2005). It appears that those members of the Archaeology and Historic Environment Community who chose to complete the HEIRNET survey are far above the UK average for internet use. However, this was solely an online survey, which likely accounts for this difference.

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Figure 3: Question 1 Responses

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