HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.2.8 Q6: Many internet resources allow you to build advanced searches. How often do you use these facilities?

Despite the high percentage of frequent use of search engines to find Archaeology and the Historic Environment related information, there are not many users who take advantage of advanced searching techniques. The majority claims that it 'depends what I'm looking for', which may indicate that advanced searches are not helpful under all circumstances or that users are not familiar with how to make advanced searches helpful in their searches and prefer to not use them while researching. HEIRs may be invisible to users on search engines if they have not taken care to either link extensively, or have appropriate metadata.

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Figure 8: Question 6 Responses

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