HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.3.1 Graduate and Undergraduate at an HE or FE Institution (23.3%)

These two user groups were placed together because of their similar answers, user situations, and because they are usually targeted as one group by online information service providers. Together, this group averaged 167 respondents per question. Nearly all of them report using the internet daily, two thirds of Graduate students use the internet daily for Archaeology and Historic Environment purposes, while only a third of Undergraduates do, with another half report weekly use. Responses to question 5 indicate that these students mostly approach these resources for studying - therefore, most of these students are likely taking degrees in an Archaeology or Historic Environment-related degree. Although both groups use Google most frequently, Undergraduates showed a greater tendency towards using a wide-range of search engines than Graduate students. This might demonstrate that Undergraduates are more frustrated or less confident in their Google results than Graduate students, or that they feel this is a way to be 'thorough' in their research. This could be a symptom of net savvy or difficulties with forming proper searches. Graduate students are the biggest supporters of always building advanced searches amongst all user groups, but both groups are quite supportive of cross-searching multiple resources at one time.

This group of students comes to HEIR sites mainly for studying; however, researching local history came in as a very popular second reason. Results show that Undergraduates approach HEIR sites for fewer of the reasons given in question 5 than Graduate students do. On the other hand, Undergraduates have over twice the percentage of respondents claiming to search for information on 'other' than Graduate respondents. This indicates that how Undergraduates use, or what they want from, HEIRs is less well-understood than, and quite different from Graduate students.

As a whole, this group finds any type of information that can be provided to them by HEIRs to be quite useful. Overall, downloads, journals, and reports top both lists. Compared with Graduate users, Undergraduates have a higher percentage of respondents reporting frequent usage of HEIR sites. However, their numbers drop off slightly afterwards and eventually equal out with Graduate users for 'sometimes' and 'rare' usage of sites. Undergraduates tend to be more ignorant of the existence of sites, and this may be evidence of their differing level of experience.

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Figure 14: Undergrads Question 8

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