HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.3.3 Professional Archaeologist (16.9%)

Professional archaeologist respondents were the second largest group, averaging 112 respondents per question. This is, of course, not unanticipated since it is their work and the work of their colleagues and organizations that go into the data running behind the facades of most of these websites. Nearly all archaeologists go online daily, with 76.2% going online daily for reasons related to the Historic Environment or Archaeology, which is the highest average of all the user groups.

Their favorite search engines for Historic Environment and Archaeological information is Google. A distant second and third is Yahoo and Academic Info. The majority of Professional Archaeologists stated that it would 'depend on the research', whether they conducted advanced searches or wished to search more than one resource at a time. Overwhelmingly, Professional Archaeologists come to HEIR web sites looking for jobs. Around 86% of respondents claimed to frequently visit these sites for job information. The next highest reason is local history with 37.7% of respondents saying they frequently visit HEIR sites for this kind of information. 'Other' also ranked fairly high amongst this group with 65% saying they at least sometimes visited HEIR websites for 'other' reasons.

This user group is highly enthusiastic about making available most types of information. Their favorites are downloads, with 95% agreeing that they are very useful. Reports, area searches, and maps also rated very highly as very useful.

The favored sites of this group are those hosted by ADS and English Heritage, dealing with England or general UK historic environment or archaeological information, like Arch Search and BIAB. Most of the Welsh and Scottish related sites have a good number of frequent users, but in total have much smaller total users than the English and all-round UK sites. With the exception of ARENA, all the websites in question 4 are at least known to these respondents, if not actually used.

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