HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.3.4 Teachers and Lecturers (6.6%)

The HEIRNET survey did not specifically ask if the respondents were lecturers or lecturers in the field of Archaeology or the Historic Environment. However, 100% of the 49 respondents report being online daily and 57.1% report searching for historic environment or archaeological information daily, and another 32.7% report at least weekly searches. This suggests that at least 90% of our respondents are probably teachers or lectures in this general subject area. The other 10% are either teachers in another area, or perhaps Historic Environment or Archaeology teachers who do not feel they need to go online for information very frequently during the year. Teachers and lecturers would likely use the HEIR online resources under two different roles: one as a teacher and lecturer looking for classroom related material, and second as an academic conducting their own research for papers and books.

The favored search engines amongst teachers and lectures for looking up information on the Historic Environment and Archaeology include Google, Yahoo, Academic Info, and Alta Vista. Second only to students on Life Long Learning courses, teachers and lecturers are the most frequent users of Academic Info as a search engine. They are cautious in both building advanced searches and searching more than one resource at a time, the majority saying that it would depend in both cases on what they were searching for.

This user group approaches the HEIR sites for a variety of reasons. Most frequently they are looking for classroom or lecture preparation material, jobs, and local history. All of the options given in question 5 were popular amongst the majority of teachers with the exceptions of the different studying options, and family history.

Teachers and lecturers are very split on what they considered useful and not useful to have on websites, causing their responses to be relatively spread out over the board. Nevertheless, this user group finds journals, downloads, images, and maps to be very useful. Less popular options include graphics, tours, and definitions. This gives an idea of not only what teachers and lecturers find important for their own research but also likely what they think would be useful for their students.

Overall, this group demonstrated a well-rounded knowledge of the HEIR community and demonstrated a more consistent knowledge of HEIR sites than even Professional Archaeologists. Every website was at least known to over 50% of this user group, if not actually chosen to be used. The most popular sites were those that featured searchable indexes. Sites hosted at the ADS did very well with this user group, and half the respondents in this user group logged into the survey through the ADS site. Otherwise under-exploited sites like Accessing Scotland's Past, ARENA, Humbul, PASTMAP, Canmore, and PATOIS all had teachers and lectures as their most frequent and consistent user group.

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