HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.3.5 Local Government Officers (4.6%)

The 34 'Local Government Officer' respondents could have many different roles in relation to HEIR sites, Archaeology, and the Historic Environment. Nearly all of those who responded use the internet daily with 75.8% saying they go online daily for Archaeology, which is the second highest percentage of all our user groups after the Professional Archaeologists. The large amount of time they spend online looking up historic environment and archaeological information, along with the fact that they are usually doing this in order to look for jobs, supports the theory that the majority of these respondents have government positions which cause them to be involved intimately in either Archaeology or their local Historic Environment. They may even be on the staff of those government sites hosting the survey, like English Heritage or RCAHMS.

When searching for information on Archaeology or the Historic Environment, nearly all respondents report using Google frequently. The next most frequently used search engine is AskJeeves with 25% using it at least 'sometimes'. Yahoo, Academic Info, and AltaVista are also used sometimes. Like the Professional Archaeologists, the majority of these users believe it would depend on the type of search they were conducting as to whether they would use advanced searches or find it useful to search more than one resource simultaneously.

Overwhelmingly, the Local Government Officer respondents say that their most frequent reason for searching out HEIR type sites is to look at jobs. Much further down on the list is local history, with around 68% saying they at least 'sometimes' look up this kind of information on HEIR sites, and a similar number go to HEIR type sites for 'other' information. Overall, the entire user group felt that all the different types of information which could be included on HEIR type sites were at least a bit useful. The elements they rated the most useful were maps, area searches, and reports. Interestingly, they are the biggest supporters of definitions after Students in 6th Form College or High School.

In general, Local Government Officers are not very frequent users of any single HEIR site. The highest rated sites overall were Images of England and SMRs. SMRs of course not being one actual site but many. Therefore, Images of England, with 84.4% of Local Government Officer respondents having used it at least rarely, is far ahead of the next most used, HEIRNET, with 68.8%. Other sites that did well are 24hr Museum, Arch Search, Defense of Britain, HEIRPORT, and PAS, showing a preference for multiple resource searches here that was not reflected in their answers to question 7.

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