HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.3.6 Life Long Learners and 6th Form College or High School Students (3.5%)

These two groups of respondents were put together not because they have similar results, but because they are both tiny user groups who could be considered the opposite sides of a spectrum. 6th Form College or High School students are young and not into full out researching yet, and Life Long Learners are likely older and out of formal school, also currently enjoying a relaxed approach to research.

Together, these two only average 23 users per question (15 for LLLs and 8 for 6th Form College students). Most of this group goes online daily, however, very few of these daily users of the internet also research Historic Environment or Archaeology information daily, instead being weekly users.

This group prefers to use Google most frequently. They also use Yahoo, MSN, and Academic Info. LLLs are the highest users of Academic Info of all the groups and this could explain their particular success rate in finding and using HEIR sites. This group is fairly split over if they use advance searching, with the majority claiming that it depends on what they are searching for. Overall they are fans of searching more than one resource at a time, but most believe it would depend on what they were searching for as well.

This group mainly approaches Historic Environment and Archaeology sites for two reasons: studying and researching local history. Overall, LLLs are less enthusiastic about a plethora of information types being made available and only a few technical elements are overall agreed upon as 'very useful'. These elements are journals, download, area searches, and images. On the other hand, 6th Form College or High School students are quite spread out across the spectrum of information types. Highest on their list are definitions, maps, images, and tours. Among the least useful are downloads and journals. This shows a very different demand by this group from HEIRs, and resources targeting this audience would have to take this into account the 'show-and-tell' aspect they find useful.

LLLs are very specific about what sites they find useful for finding information on Archaeology and the Historic Environment, and they tend to agree fairly consistently on what sites those are. LLLs are at least consistent, and their preferred sites are ones well known for containing the types of information that the LLLs find most useful. These include: 24hr Museum, Images of England, Internet Archaeology, SMRs, and Viewfinder. Overall they seem to prefer specifically English NMR related sites, and to not care for indexes of anything other than archaeological material. Most of the resources relating to either Welsh or Scottish information are known to LLLs, but are consciously not used. 6th Form College or High School Students did not form any specific patterns in their site use, but do seem to use most frequently image sites.

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Figure 28: 6th Form Student Question 8

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