HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.3.7 Museum Professionals (3.2%)

Museum professionals cover a slightly smaller spectrum than Local Government Officer, although the two could overlap slightly - especially if any of the museums are run by the local government. Nearly all Museum Professionals go online daily, with 16 of 24 looking for archaeological or historic environment information daily, and another 5 looking weekly. Museums professionals are also the smallest group of respondents in the professionals group with an average of 22-23 respondents.

Again, the favorite search engine for finding archaeological or historic environment related information is Google. Second favorite is a tie between Academic Info and Yahoo with only 5 of 22 respondents claiming to use them at least sometimes. The majority of users felt it depended on the tool or resource as to whether they built advanced searches, and that it depended on the search as to whether searching multiple resources would be useful. Nearly all Museum Professionals use HEIR type sites to look for jobs. Other favorite topics included local history and 'other'. Surprisingly, looking up information on artifacts rated a distant 5th on the list, suggesting that Museum Professionals feel their role is as producers of artifact information rather than consumers of this kind of online information.

Images are seen as by far the most useful thing on HEIR type sites. Area searches and reports are also favored. Graphics, definitions, and tours were seen overall as being the least useful. Surprisingly, visitor information and tours were not rated very highly by Museum Professionals, certainly not relative to other user groups, despite both being often associated with museum websites. This might be a sign that these respondents answered this question as to what they felt they would find particularly useful, rather than what they think is useful for others on museum sites.

Museum professionals are not only low 'frequent' users of HEIR websites, but average a 50% user rate on only 6 out of 25 sites. Not surprisingly, the highest rated sites are by far 24hr Museum (20/22 users) and Cornucopia (17/22), both of which provide the public with information about museum collections and events. Next highest rated are both PAS and SMR at 60.9% (14/22) user rate. These sites deal with Archaeology and the Historic Environment on a local level and would interest museums gathering information about the local archaeological environment.

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