HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006

3.3.8 Other (14%)

The 'other group' is the typically least defined, catch-all category for anyone that doesn't fit into one of the perceived significant user groups. That this user group is the third largest with around 104 respondents shows that there are likely a few significant groups of users that were not thought of. Some potential examples could be librarians, archivists, private conservators and consultants, society members, and professional historians - none of whom probably feel they belong in any of the other categories. The 'other' users are almost all online daily. They look for information on the Historic Environment and Archaeology more frequently than the Personal Researchers but are still one of the least frequent of all the user groups.

The favorite search engine of the 'others' for looking up Archaeological and Historic Environment type information is Google at 98% of users claiming to use it at least sometimes. Yahoo is second at 33.7%, with MSN, Academic Info, and AltaVista coming in after it. The majority of 'other' users believe that it depends on what they are searching for, whether or not they conduct advanced searches or would find it useful to search more than one resource simultaneously.

What the 'others' come to HEIR sites for is fairly divided across the categories. Top choice is 'jobs', second most popular is 'other' and then 'local history' is third, with a quarter of respondents frequently looking it up on HEIR type sites. These results do indicate that nearly 60% of the population of the 'other' group feels that they are qualified for jobs that would appear on HEIR sites, which narrows down who they might be to potentially some of the suggestions made.

Over 50% of the 'others' agreed that downloads, area searches, images, reports, and maps were very useful. Not one of the 'types' of information escaped their criticism though, and every example, except maps and area searches, had +10% of the respondents claim that these were 'not very' useful.

Overall, the 'others' are as spread out over the community of HEIR sites as the Personal Researchers. However, they are overall more frequent users of the HEIR sites than the Personal Researchers, but far below those of the other user groups. They prefer sites with images and they like to use SMRs and NMRs. Only HIERNET and Images of England have over 50% of the 'other' respondents having used the site at least rarely.

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