HEIRNET User Survey 2005 Report and analysis undertaken by ADS on behalf of HEIRNET By J. Brewer and W.G. Kilbride 2006


Overall, it is difficult to place a value judgment on the usefulness or popularity of the HEIRs used in this survey. Overall, HEIRs with resources about English archaeology or British archaeology were much more popular than Scottish ones, who were more popular than Welsh, thus reflecting their relative populations.

Overall, sites hosting NMRs and SMRs, Internet Archaeology, and the BBC did very well amongst all groups for frequent use. All sites had a core group of frequent users, which is encouraging, and there were a consistent 20% of respondents for each website that knew of the website, but chose not to use it. Many sites still have large numbers of respondents who had never heard of them, which indicates room for improvement. There was not a connection in the recognition of sites that are linked to or funded by the same group; for example, A2A, Pastscape, and Viewfinder were quite unknown compared to Images of England and ArchSearch despite being linked to on the same page by the English Heritage website, a popular website for Personal Researchers and Others. Accessing Scotland's Past was virtually unknown compared to CARN.

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