BA 109 covering Staffordshire Hoard

BA109 The Staffordshire Hoard is one of the most spectacular finds of recent years. It was found by a metal detecting enthusiast and reported to the proper authorities. The inquest has just been held which has officially declared it as ‘Treasure’. The Hoard has been compared to the Royal graves at Sutton Hoo.

Long before news of the hoard became public, editor Mike Pitts spoke to many of those involved with the find, and put together the complete story of how it was found – and kept secret. With pictures you’ll see nowhere else, this exclusive feature will be in British Archaeology issue 109, out 9 October. Read the CBA’s news story for more information and a diverse range of external links.

Also covered in the upcoming magazine are the exciting excavations beginning at Nevern Castle, Lutyens’s First World War memorials and the discovery of a surviving medieval Welsh road, as well as all the regulars including CBA Briefing, our round-up of events across the UK.