CBA grant funding


The CBA received confirmation yesterday that our grant funding from the British Academy is to be phased out over the coming five years.

BritAc Seal This funding stream has been pivotal to the work of the CBA across the UK for over fifty years and in the current financial year the grant totalled £306k – some 25% of the CBA’s income. The British Academy has now told the CBA that this grant will be removed by 2015–16 with a significant year on year decline starting in 2011–12: see the British Academy’s statement.

CBA President, Dr Kate Pretty CBE, said

We deeply regret the British Academy decision to cut funding to the CBA, particularly as this decision was not forced by reductions in its own grant from Government, but was a strategic choice by the Academy in spite of their praise for the continuing high standard of our work.

We will continue to develop our relationship with the British Academy as the CBA has much to offer, especially in maximising the impact of the academic research which the British Academy supports for the humanities and social sciences.

CBA trustees met to consider the financial position of the charity in January. The decision was taken to make some early adjustments to the broad programme of work which the CBA had planned for the coming years, and to focus more effort in the short-term on developing a sustainable financial platform with an expanded membership of the CBA and its Young Archaeologists’ Club. The CBA is grateful for the extra financial support from the British Academy for the restructuring programme which will allow us to maximise the efficiency of our back office systems and provide a wider range of payment options to members in the coming months. We are also working with external consultants to improve the communication of our membership offer and the wide-ranging work that we will continue to undertake in the coming years.

The CBA’s new five-year strategy for Making Archaeology Matter remains highly relevant and the trustees of the CBA maintain a strong belief in the value of and need for the CBA’s work. A challenging new action plan is now being prepared to ensure that the CBA’s most important priorities are taken forward, despite the withdrawal of funding announced by the British Academy. CBA trustees regret that restructuring and a reduction in the CBA’s staffing is now needed and a statement giving further details will be issued in due course.

Please contact CBA Director Dr Mike Heyworth MBE regarding this news release.