From The Ground Up

The Publication of Archaeological Projects

a user needs survey



Appendix 3.5: Interview design

Phase I Interviews: an outline plan of the research and interview questions

NB Main research questions are in bold, mini-research questions in italic and the actual interview questions are in normal font.

A. What modes of practice govern the use of fieldwork publications and how do these relate to the overall research environment of the discipline?

i. To what extent does the questionnaire capture the complexity of people's use of fieldwork publications?

ii. How do people use project archives, and perceive their relationship to fieldwork publications, in terms of their own research/interests?

B. What principles and assumptions govern people's attitudes towards the publication of fieldwork projects and their expectations of such publications?

i. Why do members of the discipline think it is important to publish fieldwork projects and what value do they place on them?

ii. What expectations do people have regarding the content and structure of fieldwork publications?

iii. What values do people place on project archives?

C. To what extent is there a desire for change in the nature and form of fieldwork publications, and where does desire for change (or resistance to change) stem from within the discipline?

i. Do people see a need for changes in the way in which fieldwork projects are published and archived, and if so why?

ii. What would these changes involve in practice? [NB only applicable to those who advocate change - if not skip these questions]

D. How do the values and expectations regarding fieldwork publications intersect with current interest groups within the discipline?

i. How do people see potential change in publication policy affecting themselves?

ii. How do people see any potential changes in publication policy affecting the discipline as a whole?

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