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The Publication of Archaeological Projects

a user needs survey



Appendix 4.5: Questionnaire results (section 5)

Definitions of terms used in the questionnaire

Fieldwork project: any fieldwork (or underwater) project, including watching briefs, evaluations, excavations, and surveys of all kinds (e.g. buildings, earthworks, field walking, geophysics and aerial photography), as well as related artefact and ecofact (environmental) analysis.

Fieldwork publication: any work that serves to record and disseminate information derived from a fieldwork project (as defined above), whether produced in printed or other media. This broad definition includes 'grey literature' as well as 'published works' (see below).

Published work: any publication which is issued for public sale/widespread distribution, and/or has an ISBN/ISSN.

Grey literature: any work which is not issued for public sale/widespread distribution and does not have an ISBN/ISSN, as is often the case, for instance, with reports derived from small-scale developer-funded projects.

Project archive: the primary records (including paper, digital (computerised) and microfiche records, plans, notes, recording sheets, and photographs) and the collected remains (including artefacts and ecofacts) resulting from a fieldwork project. (Although the records and collected remains may be deposited at different locations in some parts of the British Isles, they are here both defined as forming part of the overall project archive.)

'Use' of publications: anything ranging from brief consultation to in-depth study/extensive reading.

5. Publication media and content

5.1 Do you currently have access (or plan for access) to:
(Please tick one box per row)

  current access plans for access in next year plans for access in next 1-5 years no access and no plans
Society / university / institutional library with good archaeological coverage        
Public library collection with good archaeological collection        
The Internet        
A means of printing from CD-ROM, the Internet and email        
Microfiche reader        

5.2 In general, do you prefer to read from:
(Please grade 1-4 in order of preference, 1 being your highest preference)

() Professionally published or books and journals
() Photocopies (from printed sources or microfiche) and computer print-out
() Computer screen
() Microfiche reader

5.3 How useful do you find the following computerised services in connection with your archaeological work / interests?
(Please tick one box per row)

  useful sometimes useful not useful don't use / don't know
Bibliographic databases (e.g.BIDS)        
Computerised library catalogues        
Internet archaeological publications        
Internet journals (e.g. Internet Archaeology)        
Institutional / personal web sites        
Email bulletin boards        
Other(s) (please specify):



5.4 What publication mechanism, conventional print, Internet and / or CD-ROM, would you like to see being used for the following types of archaeological publications?
(Please tick as many boxes per row as you wish)

type of publication conventional print Internet CD-ROM don't know / no opinion
Fieldwork publications        
National archaeological journals        
Regional / local archaeological journals        
'Grey literature'        
Period and regional syntheses        
Theoretical and methodological books        
Heritage and management books        
Popular books        

5.5a Have you ever used archaeological fieldwork publications on the Internet?

() Yes (go to 5.5b)
() No (go to 5.6)

5.5b Did you have sufficient skills to view / use all the features of the publication that you wished to view / use?

() Yes
() No

If 'No', what did you find difficult?

5.5c Please answer the following questions:
(Please tick one box per row)

  better just the same worse not used by me / the authors don't know / no opinion
How did electronic links providing non-linear narrative compare with conventional narrative?          
How did electronic search facilities compare with conventional print indexes?          
How did the presentation of data in the electronic publications compare with that of conventional print publications?          
How did the presentation of graphic material in the electronic publications compare with that of conventional print publications?          

5.6 Electronic publication can allow the incorporation of 3-D modelling, video and sound. Would such developments in publication be useful for your requirements?
(Please tick one box)

() very much so
() somewhat
() not at all
() don't know / no opinion

5.7 Do you think that project archives should be available on the Internet?

() Yes
() No
() Don't know know / no opinion

5.8 At present, many publications on the Internet can be accessed free of charge (once you have paid for the connection costs). In future, would you be prepared to buy access to specific publications if you had the opportunity to browse them first?
(Please tick one box per row, and give reasons for your answer)

  Yes No Don't know / No opinion
Fieldwork publications      
Other types of archaeological publication      


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