Making Archaeology Matter

The CBA Development Campaign

The CBA has been “Making Archaeology Matter” for 65 years! Now we need your help to make sure we can continue to inform, protect and discover archaeology for future generations.

We have built our reputation on innovation and excellence and now, in our 65th year, we have a vision for the future of archaeology.

The CBA has launched a Development Campaign aimed at expanding the scope and sustainability of our work for archaeology in the UK.

As an educational charity working throughout the UK, the CBA is well-placed to respond to the issues and pressures facing archaeology today. We are the only archaeological organisation in the UK to cover all periods, categories and geographical areas of archaeology, whilst enjoying the support of those for whom archaeology is an interest, an active pastime, or a career. We aim to keep our place at the forefront of the UK’s heritage community, acting as a cross-community voice for archaeology.

To achieve this, and ensure that future generations benefit from what archaeology has to offer, we cannot afford to stand still. We must develop and do more!

The Development Campaign will primarily focus on an area where we believe more needs to be done and where the CBA can make the biggest difference: in education, training and the sharing of resources to raise the common understanding of archaeology in society. The Development Campaign will cover a range of projects aimed at supporting learning about archaeology to enable individuals from all walks of life to develop their knowledge and involvement. From developing archaeological education to providing archaeological skills training, the campaign will strengthen the skills and knowledge of all those participating in archaeology by inspiring, challenging and supporting motivated individuals who want to contribute to and shape the future of our fascinating subject.

By developing further our ability to promote education, training and resource sharing, the campaign will not only help us look to the future, enabling more people to grow and develop their interest in archaeology, it will also help retain and build valuable knowledge and develop a stronger network of community champions for archaeology.

The CBA Development Campaign is timely

As we all know, now is a time of economic upheaval:

  • Developer-funded archaeology is under extreme pressure with thousands of archaeologists facing the prospect of losing their jobs and then leaving archaeology altogether.
  • Heritage protection has been pushed down the list of priorities for national and local government as they struggle to slow the economic downturn with ever-dwindling budgets.

Now more than ever the development of a strong, knowledgeable and skilled community of archaeological champions and enthusiasts is vital for the continued development and protection of archaeology. Without dedicated and passionate individuals, the recording and investigation of archaeology could become neglected with vital, irreplaceable, information being lost forever. We must also ensure that heritage does not slip from the public funding agenda in a tough economic climate.

The rise of community archaeology over the last decade has been very positive, and with the formation of many new local groups, the need to support these, and other individuals with a desire to learn and undertake archaeology, is more important than ever. This is where the Development Campaign is important.

Through the campaign we aim to raise funds to undertake a number of projects to increase knowledge and skills across the UK so that enthusiasm can be turned to long-term, sustainable skills and knowledge. There is a lack of UK-wide opportunities to learn and we aim to champion the right of passionate individuals to access archaeological education and information whilst providing them with the skills they need to take part in the discovery and protection of the historic environment.

Without grants from organisations and support from individuals the campaign cannot fulfil its potential.

This is where we need your help! Please take a look through these “Support Us” pages and see if you can help us raise money now or in the future to support the work of the campaign. There are many ways you can do this, and some will not cost you any additional money.

Help us continue to develop and support a thriving community of individuals and organisations from all walks of life and of all ages who are passionate about archaeology! The archaeology of your local area will benefit from the Campaign.