Jobs and Training in Archaeology

Are you looking for some training or a job in archaeology? The following resources should help in your search, or you can contact us for more specific advice.


Former YAC Communications Officer Abi McLean PAS Finds Liaison Officers at work The Training Online Resource Centre (TORC) is an information service for anyone interested in courses and training in archaeology, from GCSE and A level courses through to specialised training for professional archaeologists. TORC is a service of the Archaeology Training Forum (ATF), operated by the CBA and supported by English Heritage. TORC is a developing resource and will soon provide up-to-date searchable databases of all the archaeology courses available in the UK, along with information to help you find which courses will be most useful to you. In the meantime, please feel free to contact Education for advice and information on training courses currently available. For further information on the Archaeology Training Forum, visit the ATF website.

A number of courses, lectures and excavation opportunities are advertised through the CBA Briefing service.

Additionally the CBA hosts, organises and coordinates a large number of events throughout the year, ranging from hands-on training sessions and workshops to lectures and holidays. you can find these on our events page.

For a series of Factsheets and other information on training and education in archaeology, visit our main Education section.

Further information on professional training and career development is provided by the Institute for Archaeologists (IfA).


For general information on the kinds of jobs available in archaeology, visit our Get Involved section, or download a CBA Factsheet. You can also read about the nature of the professional jobs market in UK archaeology in Profiling the Profession, a publication researched and produced by the IfA. The Standing Committee for Archaeology website also has lots of useful information on jobs in archaeology.

The following online resources provide up-to-date information on job vacancies in UK archaeology and heritage:

Many job vacancies are also broadcast via the Britarch and Britarch-News email discussion lists.

For job vacancies at the CBA, visit our own jobs page.