The Festival of Archaeology incorporates hundreds of in-person and virtual events delivered by community groups, heritage organisations, universities, commercial units, and more. It promotes involvement in archaeology through flagship days such as “A Day in Archaeology” and “Youth Takeover Day”, and allows individuals to get involved from wherever they are, all year round, through downloadable resources. Through the festival, the CBA helps over half a million people to engage in archaeology, explore stories of place, and connect with the environment around them.

You can get involved in the Festival by organising your own event, and registering as part of the Festival of Archaeology. We will offer you as much support as we can in getting your event off the ground. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us at [email protected]

Engage in archaeology by participating in our in-person and virtual events all over the country.  

Explore the Festival of Archaeology and find out more on the  Festival of Archaeology website

The 2022 Festival of Archaeology will be back from 16 July - 31 July. Event registration will open early in 2022.

Festival Themes

Each year the Festival has a dynamic and engaging theme. The theme for 2021 was Exploring Local Places. We wanted to encourage people to discover the archaeology and heritage that is all around them. Thereby, helping people get out and explore their local places, to unearth the stories, sites, buildings, places, people, and events that make our local communities so special.

Archaeology is a great tool to learn about how local places were shaped and how they have changed through time. The festival dug into questions such as who lived and worked in different places in the past and whether we use them in the same way today.  

Previous festival themes have included Climate and Environment and ArchaeoTech. The theme for 2022 will be announced in due course!

Event Organiser Guides 

Are you an event organiser? If so, you can use our handy guides to get the most out of your event. We have produced two guides, one on making events inclusive audiences and one on delivering online presentations. The guides were created as part of the CBA’s ongoing efforts to improve the quality of the festival, by ensuring its events are engaging and attract a broad audience.

We have published the guides in two formats. The Microsoft Sway format allows you to explore the guide like a website and has some embedded audio clips of colleagues talking about their work. Click here to access the sway version of the inclusive audiences guide and here for the online presentations guide (or see below). If you click on the Settings button on the top right of the screen you can choose to read the Sway in 'accessibility mode' which reduces the graphic content. You can also choose to download the content as a word or pdf file, allowing you to edit, print and share as you wish. 

We have also edited pdf versions of the guides, for those who prefer to read them in this format or print them off to read (see below).  

​​​​​​We partnered with tialt to produce these guides. tialt is a research organisation aiming to create positive social value through theory-led and creative research approaches. They produce creative tools for social research and engage in dialogue around aspects of our shared humanity. 

Supporting the Festival 

You can help make the Festival of Archaeology even greater! By making a donation of just £5 you will help us develop new activities, provide more support to our event organisers, and allow even more people to participate. Even the smallest amount makes a difference and helps ensure the Festival will continue in the future.

Want to do more? Become a CBA member to help us safeguard the UK's heritage and enable more people to get involved with archaeology. You will also receive a range of great benefits. 

Sponsoring the Festival

Can your organisation sponsor the Festival of Archaeology throughout the year?

Benefits for sponsors include:

  • Supporting the UK’s largest participatory archaeology festival
  • Helping raise awareness of key issues in archaeology, heritage, and society
  • Connecting with over 750,000 participants across the UK
  • Reaching over 100,000 CBA followers via our social media channels

To find out more about the Festival of Archaeology and sponsorship opportunities watch the video below and take a look at our sponsorship pack: CBA Festival of Archaeology Sponsorship Opportunities.

For more information and to discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact Claire Corkill, CBA Development Manager at [email protected].

Key Festival Projects

Ask an Archaeologist

#AskAnArchaeologist Day on Twitter is an official part of the Festival. It provides an opportunity for people from all over the world to ask archaeologists questions and for archaeologists to share their knowledge.

Anyone with access to Twitter can ask a question using the #AskAnArchaeologist hashtag and any archaeologist who has an answer is encouraged to respond.

The idea is based on the hugely successful #AskACurator day, set up by Mar Dixon, which has run for several years on Twitter. The team at National Trust Midlands came up with the idea for the same sort of day for Archaeology, and #AskAnArchaeologist Day was born.

The first #AskAnArchaeologist day was in 2018. Since then people from all over the world have participated, with lots of fascinating questions and discussions taking place. You can search the hashtag at any time to see previous questions and answers!

A Day in Archaeology

Each year during the Festival A Day in Archaeology showcases "a day in the life" of archaeologists from all over the UK. 

This consists of blog posts from archaeologists, heritage professionals, students, and volunteers, talking about a day in their life. These blogs highlight the many opportunities there are to get involved in archaeology from fieldwork to the science lab, museums to building sites, and more. Our contributors also share the paths they took to get to where they are now. Readers can find out how their careers developed, why they chose to study archaeology, or how they got involved in volunteering.  

The blog posts are uploaded throughout A Day In Archaeology and stay on the Festival website site all year round, forming a developing resource for anyone who is interested in an archaeological career or wants to find out more about opportunities to participate.

A day in archaeology.png


Youth Takeover Day

Every year, as part of the Festival, we celebrate young people during our Youth Takeover Day. This includes undertaking bespoke youth events and activities, plus launching some amazing new resources for young people. 

We also invite young people to tell us about their experiences working, studying, and volunteering in the archaeology and heritage sector, in a series of blog posts. Through this, we aim to help amplify the voices of young people, as we believe it is important that everyone has their say. These blogs are featured on the Festival website: #YouthTakeover Blogs

Young Archaeologist's Club Takeover Day is also a specific day during the Festival, to highlight the work of the YAC and launch a number of new projects, such as My Place in Time and Enrich the List

Stories of Spaces and Places

The new Stories of Spaces and Places project is an opportunity for people to share thoughts, memories, and responses to their favourite place, through an interactive map.

We are asking people to get creative and celebrate a place of their choice by sharing a photo or some text. This could include taking a picture of a specific feature, sharing an image of some art or craft it has inspired, writing a poem or story, etc.

Together these contributions will create a giant collage of memories, meanings, and effects of the places we cherish and love. You will be able to find out about others’ experiences in or near your chosen place and be inspired to think about your own and other places from a different perspective.