The Festival of Archaeology incorporates hundreds of in-person and virtual events delivered by community groups, heritage organisations, universities, commercial units, and more. It promotes involvement in archaeology through flagship days such as “A Day in Archaeology” and “Youth Takeover Day”, and allows individuals to get involved from wherever they are, all year round, through downloadable resources. Through the festival, the CBA helps over half a million people to engage in archaeology, explore stories of place and connect with the environment around them.

You can get involved in the Festival by organising your own event, and registering as part of the Festival of Archaeology. We will offer you as much support as we can in getting your event off the ground. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with us at [email protected]

Engage in archaeology by participating in our in-person and virtual events all over the country.  

Explore the Festival of Archaeology and find out more on the  Festival of Archaeology website