An Anglo-Saxon cemetry at Norton, Cleveland

Martin G Welch & Stephen J Sherlock

Report on the first large-scale excavation of an almost complete Anglo-Saxon cemetery, located in the frontier zone between Bernicia, the northernmost of the Northumbrian kingdoms, and Deira.

Of the 120 burials recorded three were inhumations and the rest urned cremations. Grave finds cover most of the sixth century AD and possibly the early seventh, and indicate close links with sites from the Tyne valley in the north to Anglian England. `The Anglo-Saxon pottery' is described by Wendy Sherlock (54--5), the `Textile remains' by Penelope Walton (57--61), and a `Conservation report and technological examination' is provided by Carol E Brown (61--72). The discussion of the human remains in chapter six consists of `The population' by Mandy Marlow (107--18), `Skeletal pathology' by David Birkett (118--9) and `Cremations' by Sally Parker (119--20). A microfiche shows glass bead types.