Renewed Life for Scottish Castles

Richard Fawcett (Author); Allan Rutherford (Author)
scottish castles.jpg

Castles, both ruined and occupied, are amongst the most deeply evocative buildings in the Scottish landscape.

This book considers the history of the conservation and restoration of a number of those buildings against the background of what the idea of the castle has meant to Scots over the centuries. The authors draw on their extensive knowledge of castles across Scotland, as well as on their practical experience in advising on recent conservation and restoration projects. They begin by briefly considering the history of castles and by exploring their role in Scottish society, before moving on to consider the ways in which they were absorbed within later building complexes as domestic requirements and social aspirations changed. A series of detailed case studies then examines the issues surrounding the conservation and restoration of castles in modern times, which it is hoped will be of value for everyone with an interest in castles, including those who might be considering undertaking work on one.