This year the CBA is unable to provide public liability insurance cover for the Festival of Archaeology. Event organisers will need to have their own insurance cover in place for their events.

We are very sorry to have to let you know that we are unable to provide public liability insurance cover for Festival events this year.

We have been working with Towergate Insurance Brookers to try and arrange event cover but unfortunately due to changes in the market the underwriters are unwilling to offer cover for a large number of events delivered by a number of different organisers.

We know that many of our event organisers will already have adequate insurance in place through their organisations existing cover and that is great news. If you already have this in place you do not need to do anything further.

If you were planning on utilising the Festival cover we are extremely sorry that we are unable to provide it this year and we would recommend you contact Towergate’s Archaeology & Heritage Team who will be able to provide you with a quote for your individual event.

You can contact Towergate’s Archaeology & Heritage Team by emailing [email protected] or visit their website to request a callback. They are aware that there may be a number of Festival event organisers who will need to arrange cover and are ready to help you.

If you do need to arrange cover as a result of this change please can you also contact us at [email protected] to let me know. We are in the process of looking at how we might be able to provide you with a financial contribution towards your insurance cover as we appreciate this is an additional and unexpected costs you will need to cover ahead of your event.

Please accept our sincere apologies for the situation.


Additional information

Any Young Archaeologists’ Club branches delivering an event will be covered for public liability via the main YAC insurance policy. 

Any groups that are members of the British Association for Local History should be covered by the event insurance they provide to members. Please contact them directly for more information on this.

If you are delivering your event in partnership with another organisation you should speak to them to see if the event would be covered by their policy.

If you are holding your event in a venue such as a museum, visitor centre of church they may be able to provide insurance cover for the event via their own policy.

The most important thing is never to assume that your event is adequately insured. Always talk to your event delivery partners and venue liaison to discuss the options and to see if there is already insurance in place.

If you are unsure about the cover you have in place and if it is appropriate for the type of event you are delivering, we recommend contacting your insurance provider if you already have a policy in place, or a broker such as Towergate for advice. 

If you deliver other events throughout the year you should consider taking out an insurance policy if you don’t already have one. This will protect your group and anyone taking part in your events and activities.




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