Supporters and Sponsors

Our supporters are true champions for archaeology, making a real difference by investing in the work that we do.

Archaeology Ambassadors 

Active and influential advocates for archaeology that work with us to help shape the future of the field and protect Britain’s archaeological heritage. If you would like to become one of our ambassadors and see your name displayed here, please contact us. 

Friend of Archaeology

Loyal supporters that are making a commitment to the vital work we do, helping us speak up for archaeology in the UK, continue our participation programmes, and sustain the Young Archaeologists' Club Branches. 

The CBA would like to thank the following Friends of Archaeology: 

  • Barry Brewster
  • W F Adams
  • Mrs A Shepherd
  • Mr M Efstathiou
  • Mrs A M Tonks
  • FRS Taylor
  • Frances Lynch
  • Alan Quinlan
  • Miss Aileen Adams
  • Michael B Rees-Jones
  • Mr P I McLean
  • Robert Trubshaw
  • Mrs B E Tinson
  • Mr Richard Forster
  • Richard & Janet Firth
  • David & Evelyn Baker



The CBA would like to thank the following Lifetime supporters:

  • Michael Griffiths
  • Rodney Steele
  • R A Hemmings
  • Ms Celina Dunlop
  • Miss Michelle Morris
  • Evan Chapman
  • Jill Strobridge
  • Christopher Frost
  • Viv Amos
  • Jill & N J Sheppard
  • Richard Loffler